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"What Really Happened?"

WASHINGTON, D.C.--"The enemies of the civilized world are testing the will of freedom-loving people," Bush explained, adding that even the loss of every Iraqi life, or even every Muslim life, would not be too high a price to pay for a free and democratic Iraq.

This site is now a time capsule of my efforts, mostly throughout 2003-2004, to provide a satiric response to the obviously absurd beginnings of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, among other news items of the day.

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Congress to give families of US casualties shares in Iraq's future


Post-war Iraq

ANAHEIM, CA--Disney Corporation announced plans to build a destination resort near Baghdad, featuring characters from Disney's Aladdin franchise, providing much-needed jobs for the next generation of Iraqis.


Bush Administration Falls in Popular Uprising

American Invasion Set to Air in the Fall

Bush advisor ponders Kucinich Iraqi challenge

Polls show Americans well-informed on those responsible for 9/11

Polls show strong support for President despite lies

Ridge says US safer after 9/11

Bush boosts troop morale, says wars will continue

Bush admits impeding 9/11 investigation

President unveils new energy policy

Republican Senators support impeachment for lying President

Ridge announces heightened surveillance of Bush administration

Forbidden Weapons found deep under Iraqi desert

Iraqis elect a President

Bush praises UN weapons inspectors: job well done!

Ronald McDonald appointed special emissary to Iraq

Poll results show support for American empire

Cost of the War in Iraq
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US troops to be embedded with IDF in occupied territories

Sharon demands US apology before accepting additional $10 billion

US offers Hamas terrorists asylum in Florida

Six die in LAPD missile attack; suspect escapes

Israel's Holocaust Museum to include other holocausts

Sharon injured in Hamas attack

Sharon apologizes for violence against American activists

Powell says Israel takes tough stance on nuclear weapons

Neturei Karta

The Case for Impeachment- John Dean

The next judgement at Nuremberg - Americans in the dock this time

Yes, Virginia, there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

The Maid and the Ogre- Israel Shamir on the murder of Rachel Corrie

Our need for a new mideast policy
Pete McCloskey

Drain the Swamp
by Noam Chomsky

For journalists in the Middle East, the use of the word ‘terrorists’ is akin to carrying a gun - Robert Fisk

United States: Threat to world peace- an interview with Nelson Mandela

Spreading the Big Lie about Israeli settlements- Ha'aretz

"Of course this war is for the Jews and Israel..." israelnationalnews.com

Israeli refuseniks testify at
- "The occupation is a terrible crime; an immoral and malignant crime against another society which spreads also to our own society, strangling and poisoning it."

Jewish Groups Call on Congress to Pass Rachel Corrie Bill

"Why we offer our blood..." Priest crosses US Consul Office with his blood

Military Families Speak Out- an organization of people who are opposed to war in Iraq and who have relatives or loved ones in the military

MoveOn.org- Democracy in Action

Global Exchange- building people to people ties


Today I Weep for my Country- Sen. Robert Byrd, March 19. 2003

Peace Protecting Genius- the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich

Rachel's War-
Rachel Corrie's emails from Gaza

Call to Conscience from US Veterans to Active Duty Troops and Reservists

It works the same in every country- Hermann Goering

George Washington on foreign entanglements

Statement of Mindy Kleinberg (whose husband died in the WTC) to the first public hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States--March 31, 2003

A Patriot Draped in Foil
Dave Fazo

Is Bush Nuts?- Dry drunk symptoms in the Oval Office

Joe Sobran
Charley Reese 
Justin Raimondo
Israel Shamir
John Pilger

Common Dreams
The Exile
Yellow Times
Unknown News
What really happened


Bush Knew-and Did Nothing
excellent timeline of Bush's actions during the 9-11 attack.

Infinite Jest
Landover Baptist Church

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