US offers to resettle Hamas terrorists in Florida

terrorists living in Florida

US Secretary of State Colin Powell, in talks with Israeli leader Ariel Sharon, reiterated the Bush administration's characterization of Sharon's policy of "targeted killings" as unhelpful to the Roadmap Peace process.

Mr. Powell offered an alternative plan, in which suspected Hamas terrorists would be given asylum in the state of Florida. "There are many precedents for this," said Mr. Powell in a news conference after the meeting.

"For example, Orlando Bosch, responsible for the 1976 bombing of a Cubana Airlines aircraft resulting in the deaths of 76 people, is currently living a very comfortable life in Florida under the protection of the US government."

"Or Salvadoran General Jose Guillermo Garcia and the head of El Salvador's national guard, Vides Casanova, who covered up and protected the murderers of the three nuns and lay worker in El Salvador, both of whom obtained political asylum and are now living well in Palm Coast, Florida."

"Others now enjoying US hospitality include General Hector Gramajo, accused of killing as many as 10,000 Guatemalan Indians; General Prosper Avril, former dictator of Haiti responsible for the torture of opposition leaders; and Sintong Panjaitan, an Indonesian general responsible for the 1991 Santa Cruz massacre in East Timor that killed hundreds."

Mr. Sharon gave tentative approval to the plan, with the stipulation that the Hamas terrorists, as Muslims, not be granted the same luxurious lifestyles and privileges afforded to terrorists and killers more favorable to US/Israeli interests, a condition to which Mr. Powell said the US would happily agree.