Iraqis elect a President

Iraqi Hizbollah Party leader Osama bin Hussein became the first democratically elected President of Iraq yesterday in an internationally monitored election in which 78% of the Iraqi people participated.

President-elect bin Hussein, a Shi’a Muslim from Basra with close ties to Iran, attributed his victory to the overwhelming majority of Shi’ite Muslims in Iraq.

“From this day forward,” bin Hussein announced, “Sharia law will replace the corrupt Western regime, and Iraq will become a model Islamic republic.”

One of the Iraqi President's first acts is expected to be the nationalization of the oil industry, to be run “for the benefit of the Iraqi people rather than transnational corporations.”

US President Bush said that, although he had not supported bin Hussein, he was “gratified” that democracy had “taken root” in Iraq, adding that American companies would soon begin turning over management of the oil resources to the new Iraq government.

“Americans can be proud,” Bush said, “that after the terrible loss of American lives, and the billions of dollars of our taxpayers money, the fate of the Iraqi people will now be decided by the Iraqi majority, without foreign interference.”