Bush thanks weapons inspectors for a job well done

US President George W. Bush praised the UN weapons inspectors for their "excellent work" in a speech to military personnel at MacDill Air Force base in Florida yesterday.

"Thanks to the hard work of the UNMOVIC team," Bush said, "we were assured that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction, so that the invasion could go forward without this dire threat."

"In addition, much-needed reconnaisance of Iraqi military installations was able to take place, allowing us to pinpoint the most effective targets for our bombing campaigns."

Bush also praised the twelve years of sanctions, which strangled the Iraqi economy and made the people so desperate that an American occupation might seem preferable to starvation, disease, and skyrocketing infant mortality rates.

"When we lift the sanctions, repair the water treatment plants that we destroyed, and supply food and medicine to the Iraqi people, our troops will be welcomed as liberators."

Bush concluded his remarks by demanding that Iran provide the UN weapons inspectors "unlimited access" to all its military facilities, and called on the world to apply strict sanctions until Iran had "completely disarmed."