Bush inspires Blair with American can-do spirit


Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed US President Bush to London last week to "synchronize watches" for the proposed invasion of Iraq in early spring.

Blair subsequently reported to Parliament that the American President had forcefully reiterated the desperate nature of the threat, and the importance of the impending conquest of Iraq to the modern globalised economy.

"So far," Bush reportedly told Blair, "I haven't seen any evidence that he has disarmed."

Bush's views echo many within his Administration who assert that the lack of evidence of Saddam's weapons is further proof of Saddam's guilt

Sources in the Blair Administration say that Blair has complained to senior advisors that Bush had no idea the level of public dissent Blair was facing throughout Britain for his rigid adherence to the Bush rhetoric and timetable.

The European Union warned Blair on Tuesday against an early intervention in Iraq, saying United Nations weapons inspectors needed more time on the ground.

At the same time, Church of England bishops reiterated their opposition to military action, with the Bishop of Birmingham saying the government was looking to act as "judge, jury and executioner."

As currently planned, air strikes on Iraq are set to begin in the third week of February, to be swiftly followed by a ground invasion, with expected heavy casualties and long-term collateral damage on both sides.