Bush unveils new energy policy

President Bush, speaking before an assembly of energy company executives hosted by the Christian Coalition, revealed new details of the energy policy he intends to implement in his second term.

"The good news," Bush said, "is that, although it's true there are diminishing global oil reserves, America is in an excellent position to continue consuming at current rates, despite increasing complaints from the world community.

"I can promise you," Bush told his audience, "that the American military will intervene whenever and wherever the American people's supply of oil is threatened, until we wring this planet dry of oil."

Bush assured the executives that the US was already being transformed into an authoritarian police state to ensure that no domestic dissent interferes with the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of corporate elites.

The President scoffed at critics who say this policy is not sustainable, and will lead to an unprecedented world-wide ecological disaster and immense suffering for the vast majority of the world's population.

"It's useless to base our energy policies on the false hope that this world will continue for many more generations," Bush concluded to sustained applause. "God will soon destroy this whole world, after He raptures us into Heaven."