Sharon demands US apology before accepting $10 billion aid package

Israel gets $10 billion in aid from US taxpayers

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon demanded an apology from the United States before accepting the most recent $10 billion aid package passed by the US Congress.

Sharon referred to the recent death of Rachel Corrie as "unforgivable", and demanded that the US prevent further American interference in Israeli affairs.

"Terrorists and their allies must not be allowed to endanger the lives of bulldozer operators," Sharon said, referring to Rachel and the other American supporters of Palestinian rights.

Congressional leaders were quick to denounce the American activists, and said the protests over Rachel Corrie's death "border on anti-semitism."

In an appearance on Larry King Live, President Bush apologized for any inconvenience caused by Rachel's "misguided" interference, and urged Prime Minister Sharon to accept the American aid package as soon as possible.

Sharon finally agreed to accept the money, with the condition that an extra one million dollars be given to erect a monument to the bulldozer driver, similar to the monument of Baruch Goldstein, who massacred 29 Arabs at prayer in 1994.